ARC Standards

Who to Contact

To discuss any land use or ARC issue (remodeling, roofing, painting, etc.), please leave a voice message for ARC Chair at (503) 693-8787.

To mail materials to ARC, please use the following address:
5500 NE Farmcrest St.
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Current Standards

The Board of Directors has approved the standards as for our community. Each owner has been mailed a copy. For your convenience, below are the digital versions.

Be sure to check the architectural requirements of the HFVOA before paying for permits with the City of Hillsboro. While city ordinances apply in most instances, there are occasions where the HFVOA rules can be more restrictive than those of the City of Hillsboro or Washington County.

If you have questions please contact the HFVOA at (503) 693-8787 (Voicemail only, please leave a message) or via email at


Agreement between Homeowner/Renter and HFVOA

As a homeowner in Hawthorn Farm Village, it is your responsibility to review the CCR’s and By-Laws with any tenant renting or residing in your house while you are living elsewhere (for months or years). Homeowners are liable for any and all fines associated with the failure of their tenants to comply with our governing documents.

Fill out the homeowner/renter agreement form online and print it.

Exterior Paint

Use the online exterior paint approval form.

If you are using custom paint colors, then please mail the paint color samples. If you are using standard colors, then you just need to specify the color numbers in the approval forms; there is no need to mail the paint color samples. For mailing color samples, you can download the print version of the form and mail it along with your paint color samples.

Architectural Changes — For Additions, New Structures and Landscape Approvals

Use the online approval form

Fence Approval

Use the online fence approval form

New Roof Approval

Download the print version of this form OR use the online new roof approval form

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