Renter Agreement

  • A Lot Owner (homeowner) who is renting all or a portion of their home is required to mail this completed form to HFVOA within ten (10) days of execution of the lease. (Refer to the HFVOA Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules.)
  • Homeowner Information

  • Rental Property Information

  • Tenent Information

  • Homeowner Statement

  • I have reviewed all documents required by HFVOA, including and not limited to the HFVOA’s Declaration of Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions; the Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules; and the HFVOA Rules and Regulations Compliance Enforcement. I have discussed all requirements of HFVOA with the tenant. Tenant has agreed to comply.

    I will make every attempt to ensure that my tenant(s) observe the governing rules in these documents. I understand that the Association needs to ensure that all properties are maintained to acceptable levels. I recognize that I am liable for any and all fines associated with the failure of my tenants to comply as the rules pertain to the property identified above.

    I will provide a new agreement to HFVOA each time I install a new tenant within our community.

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