Board of Directors

2024 – 2025 Board of Directors & Officers

PresidentSaba AnveryVoting Director
TreasurerLaurie AndersonVoting Director
SecretarySean CampbellVoting Director
ARC ChairSaba AnveryVoting Director
ARCJade BlackVoting Director
Perimeter ManagerDon ShannonAppointed for two months
ARCLinda SlechtaAppointed
BOD AdvisorCatherine GorrellAppointed
Website/Mailchimp AdministratorErin OlmonAppointed
Zoom Meeting OwnerPaul NewmanAppointed


The general responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Officers are defined in Articles 4 and 5 of the HFVOA Bylaws. The 2016-2017 Board of Directors created a more detailed explanation of the roles and responsibilities of officers and committees.

Download a PDF of the HFVOA Board of Directors, Officers, Members Roles and Responsibilities

Election Process

The general voting process and rules are defined in Article 2 of the HFVOA Bylaws. Board of Directors elections is defined in Article 4 section 4 of the HFVOA Bylaws.

  • Each lot is allocated one election ballot. Owners will have up to 4 votes per lot.
  • Lot owners cannot vote for an individual candidate more than once
  • Lot owners can submit a “write-in” candidate
  • No individual candidate needs to get the votes of the majority of the lot owners
  • The winners are the 4 candidates with the highest vote totals and last year’s 2-year term winner.
  • If a lot owner votes using a paper ballot, it must be returned in the provided envelope. The envelope must be sealed and marked BALLOT.
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