Mailbox Improvement Project Updates

This information is current as of January 11, 2018.

The Problem with Current Mailboxes

The mailboxes in Hawthorn Farm Village are over 30 years old and deteriorating. We have different mailbox styles in HFV East and West, and all mailboxes have risks and potential liability associated with them. Additionally, we have learned that homeowners on the east side of Shute Rd. have had to do a temporary repair to their mailbox stand. Once a mailbox has fallen down it must be brought up to current City of Hillsboro code.

Options to Address Mailbox Problem

Our HOA is obligated, under the law, to follow the mandates of the USPS and the City of Hillsboro. After lengthy research over a 3-year period, we came up with three options.

  1. Let each mailbox owner be individually responsible.
  2. Encourage each cluster of mailbox owners to join together and pay for new box system.
  3. The community as a whole joins together to pay for a new mailbox system.

A comprehensive update was given at the 2017 Annual Town Hall that presented the research, options, and timeline of the Mailbox Improvement Project. A detailed analysis of the options and costs can be found in the Mailbox Presentation. Download the complete Annual Meeting Mailbox presentation.

Mailbox Solution: #3

Because the Board’s responsibility is to promote home values, provide communications, and reduce risk and liability for our community, a special Board meeting was held and a resolution was approved to establish a new architectural standard for our community mailboxes. A copy of the new approved architectural improvement standard will be mailed to all homeowners during the last week of November.

Download current HFVOA Mailbox Standard approved November 2017

A second resolution was adopted by the board to establish a uniform community mailbox appearance. As a result, there is a special one-time assessment of $142.20 per property that is attached to 2018 Homeowner dues. This amount is reflected in the 2018 HOA Dues invoice that was mailed to property owners via USPS mail in late November.
Download Meeting Minutes from Special Meeting with Mailbox Project Motions

Anticipated Timeline

We are moving forward in a timely manner with the project and expect implementation to begin in the spring. We will keep homeowners informed as the USPS and City provide us with location and code updates.

If you have questions please contact us through the website or through voice mail telephone 503-693-8787.


January 11, 2017

An extensive set of Questions and Answers has been published.

December 17, 2017

Currently, the USPS is working with the mailbox contractor to determine the appropriate locations of the cluster mailboxes. This is just the first step to identify where the mailboxes will go.

Once potential locations have been identified, utility lines need to be checked, the City will do an evaluation, and finally, the USPS will make sure that their codes have been met.

As soon as the locations are approved by the USPS and the map is given to the HFVOA Board of Directors, the information will be made available to the owners. This could take several months and some of the current locations may need to change to meet code restrictions.

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