Board of Director Meeting Agenda and Protocol


The HFVOA has regularly scheduled Board of Director Meetings monthly as well as annual member meetings. Our monthly board meetings are open to all homeowners as listening observers, allowing them to hear all discussions and deliberations of the Board, all decisions made by the Board, and the monthly reports made by Committee Chairs and Officers. To submit your ideas, suggestions, comments, and questions to the Board, please go to our website’s “Contact Us” tab to send an email, to find the USPS mailing address, or to find the phone number for leaving a voice message. We’d like to hear from you.

General Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order and Roll Call – President
  2. Adoption of meeting’s Agenda – President
  3. Approval of Minutes from prior Board Meeting – President
  4. Perimeter Land Management – Chair
  5. Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Report – ARC Chair
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer
  7. Secretary’s report – Secretary
  8. Communications Report – Chair
  9. Unfinished Business – President
  10. New Business – President
  11. Adjournment – President

Posting of Minutes

Before meeting minutes can be posted, they must be approved at the following month’s meeting. Until approved, a draft will be posted. Look to the monthly HFVOA Newsletter for more immediate and complete information about Board and Neighborhood happenings.

Meeting Protocol

Gatherings between more than two Board members are required to be open to all lot owners and announced in advance. Thus, the monthly meeting is the only time the Board is able convene and discuss the business of the HFVOA. These protocols are put in place to keep the meeting focused and effective, and to allow the board to best serve the long-term goals of the neighborhood, as well as addressing present concerns.

  • Board members may recognize a non-board member during the meeting to assist with an agenda item.
  • Board members may have a non-board member (who is serving on a committee with them) to fill in if they are absent for a meeting to cover a specific agenda item.
  • A non-board member who is serving on a sub-committee can report to the board at meetings.
  • Under special circumstances a lot owner may be called upon to share information with the board.
  • Offensive or disruptive behavior will be grounds for a person to be muted or ejected from the meeting.

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