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2024 Election Results

  • The winning candidates for election to the Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 term are:
    • Saba Anvery (two year term)
    • Jade Black
    • Sean Campbell
    • Laurie Anderson will continue as Director in her second year. The new Board Directors were seated at the March BOD Meeting.

Voting Process

Elections for the Board of Directors are held in January/February

We need at least 20% of our membership (lot owners) to submit a ballot to make the election of Board Directors valid. An electronic link will be emailed to those who receive the newsletter and other communications by email. Paper ballots for 2024 will be mailed to owner addresses who are not signed onto the HFVOA email service.

Thank you for getting your ballot electronically! (Email us to find out how)

Thanks for voting!

Contact Information – By mail, email, or phone to:
HFVOA Director Election – Attention: Election Project Leader

  • Telephone: leave voicemail (503) 693-8787
  • Email: hfvoa.or@gmail.com
  • Mail: 5500 NE Farmcrest St. Hillsboro, OR 97124

Director Responsibilities

The general responsibilities of the Board of Directors and Officers are defined in Articles 4 and 5 of the HFVOA Bylaws.

Election Process

The general voting process and rules are defined in Article 2 of the HFVOA Bylaws. Board of Directors elections is defined in Article 4 section 4 of the HFVOA Bylaws.

  • Each lot is allocated one election ballot. Owners will have up to 4 votes per lot.
  • Lot owners cannot vote for an individual candidate more than once
  • Lot owners can submit a “write-in” candidate
  • No individual candidate needs to get the votes of the majority of the lot owners
  • The winners are the 4 candidates with the highest vote totals and last year’s 2-year term winner.
  • If a lot owner votes using a paper ballot, it must be returned in the provided envelope. The envelope must be sealed and marked BALLOT.

Notice of intent to conduct a vote by electronic or written ballot in lieu of a meeting

To All Property Owners:

Notice is hereby given to you as a member of Hawthorn Farm Village Owners’ Association that the Board of Directors, pursuant to ORS 94.647, intends to conduct a vote by written ballot in lieu of a meeting. Specifically,

  • The 2024 Directors election will be conducted by secret electronic or paper ballot in lieu of being conducted at an HFVOA membership meeting.

Voting Documents Distribution

  • Electronic ballot voting information will be sent to the email address at which you receive the HFVOA newsletter. You must use this same email address for identification when submitting your ballot. If you are not currently receiving newsletters, please email the association with your preferred email address; please let us know of any old email address that you would like to have removed from your records.
  • For paper ballot voting, the ballot will be mailed to your most current mailing address on record with the HFVOA Secretary. 

NOTE: If you have an address changeplease act immediately to inform the HFVOA Secretary (write or email).

HFVOA Board of Director Election Rules

  • Each Lot is allocated 1 election ballot, with 4 votes per ballot.
  • You cannot vote for an individual candidate more than once.
  • No individual candidate needs to get the votes of a majority of lot owners.
  • The winners are simply the four candidates with the highest vote totals.
  • A write-in candidate must be a lot owner in Hawthorn Farm Village
  • 4 Directors are to be elected.
  • The highest ‘vote getter’ fills the 2-year term position.
  • The 3 others fill the one-year term positions.
  • Please vote for a maximum of four (4) individuals for the HFVOA Board.

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