HFVOA Governing Documents

Governing Documents Primer

The governing documents primer explains the various documents which detail how HOAs are established and operate. This primer was put together by the Community Association Law Group.

Filed Governing Documents

HFVOA 2016 Amended Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation establish the corporate structure of HFVOA. In 2016, HFVOA amended the Articles of Incorporation for consistency with other governing documents. The Articles of Incorporation are filed with the Oregon Secretary of State.


The CC&Rs define the covenants, conditions, and restrictions for the property use of all lots in the subdivision called Hawthorn Farm Village. All property in the development of Hawthorn Farm Village (HFV) is subject to the Oregon Planned Community Act (ORS 94) and to Hawthorn Farm Village Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (alternatively referred to as the Declaration or the CC&Rs). Each Lot Owner agreed to the obligations and restrictions when they agreed to purchase their lot. The law, covenants, conditions, and restrictions run with the land.


The HFVOA Bylaws define the operating guidelines and processes for the Association. The HFVOA Bylaws are recorded with Washington County Oregon.

Regulations, Rules & Standards

Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules

The ARC Principles and Rules are intended to provide a more detailed interpretation of general statements, ambiguous language, or to set forth procedures for implementing the overarching governing statements. These rules govern the conduct of persons and the operation and use of the Lots and the Common Maintenance Area. The ARC Principles and Rules support the goal of the Association to foster community, preserve property values, and create an enjoyable and safe place to live.

Collections Resolution

This resolution details the policies and procedures for collecting delinquent funds. See also: Payment Plan for Lot Owners in Collections.

Common Perimeter Fence Standards

The Perimeter Fence Standard is to promote a neat, presentable appearance of Hawthorn Farm Village and to support the livability and value of the properties within our development.

Competitive Bidding Policy

The Board will place out to bid, whenever practical, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 bids for the work for repairs, maintenance, and services as required by the Association. The value of work to be placed out to bid will be in excess of $1000.00.

Compliance & Enforcement of Rules and Regulations Policy

This document details how the Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules will be enforced. See also: Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules. See also: Fine Schedule – Compliance Enforcement Policy.

Electronic Voting Policy

The HFVOA will use electronic ballots as the primary method of voting. Lot owners may request a paper ballot. The document gives the specific rules of electronic voting.

Email List Limitation of Use Resolution

This resolution details how the Board of Directors will limit the use of a lot owner’s email address as well as the process for opting out of email communication.

Financial Records Access Resolutions

Financial records of HFVOA available to lot owners are accessible by logging into the lot owner’s account on ams-nw.com. Lot owners will be denied access to bank statements, detail of monthly expense vs. budget, delinquency, collections, and other such documents. See also: Records Request Resolution.

Fine Schedule – Compliance Enforcement Policy

This document details the fines associated with violations of the Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules. See also: Architectural and Community Livability Principles and Rules.

Notification Process to Owners and Residents

This resolution affirms notifications to owners will be conducted through email unless the owner opts out. There is an opt-out form at the end of the resolution for owners to opt-out of email and request an alternate form of notification.

Payment Plan for Lot Owners in Collections

This resolution details the circumstances under which a lot owner in delinquency can enter into a payment plan without board approval. This applies to situations when the lot owner has been placed in collections with the HFVOA attorney.

Records Request Resolution

Owners, who are members of the Association, have a right to inspect and review certain Association records. These include financial records, meeting minutes, and governing documents. This resolution details the logistics for requesting access to records.

Voting Records Confidentiality Resolution

The voting records of individual lot owners will not be shared with members, except for individuals asking for their own records. Election voting outcome summary information is open to any requesting member.

Meeting Documents

The meeting documents archive contains all of the meeting documents available on this website. If you are looking for a meeting document that is not available on the website, please contact the HFVOA Board of Directors.


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